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A Grade Bourbon (Planifolia) Vanilla Beans

A Grade Bourbon (Planifolia) Vanilla Beans

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Discover the rich, aromatic flavour of our A-grade vanilla beans. Our deep brown, premium quality vanilla pods offer an intense flavour profile, elevating your baked goods to new heights with their richer and more robust taste. Whether you're making cakes, creams, cookies or other delicious treats, our  vanilla beans are the perfect ingredient to add depth and complexity to your recipes.

We are committed to ensuring that our vanilla beans are not only good for baked goods, but also good for the planet and its people. Our vanilla beans are grown in an organic manner, free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, and are sourced from farmers from Papua New Guinea who use sustainable, fair trade practices.

Our vanilla beans can last up to 24 months in its vacuum sealed bag.

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